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📓 Dev Team Scrum and Finding a Pair

Welcome to your first dev team scrum! At this point you and your team are currently all in a voice channel in Discord. This voice channel is named [theme]-group with the theme being “tree”, “music”, “geo”, “aqua”, or “dino”. For example, you and your team may currently be in the “tree-group” or “geo-group” voice channel in Discord.

Going forward, this voice channel is where you and your team will meet for dev team scrum at the start of every class session. For your first dev team scrum we’ll guide you through an icebreaker and how to break off into smaller groups for pair programming.

Discord connectivity

Before beginning dev team scrum, make sure everyone on your team is present and able to speak and hear through Discord. Additionally make sure anyone who wants to is able to turn on their camera.

Note! It may take some time to troubleshoot connectivity issues on Discord but that's okay. We have plenty of time budgeted for your first day and troubleshooting connectivity issues is just a normal factor of working remotely. Since the tech field is well suited for working remotely and more jobs are moving to remote work, consider any troubleshooting you do now just practice at your later job. |

If you are familiar with Discord, please speak up and help out other members of your team who may be having connectivity issues.

Here are some guides that may be relevant:

Take about 15 to 20 minutes troubleshooting any connectivity issues yourselves. Reach out to an instructor before moving on if there are still any issues.

Dev Team Icebreaker

Once everyone is able to communicate in Discord, let's begin dev team scrum. For this first meeting, we’ll start with a simple icebreaker so we can get to know each other a little bit.

Each person takes a turn speaking:

  1. Your name and gender pronouns.
  2. What brought you to Epicodus? What are you looking to gain from this program?
  3. Tell us a bit more about yourself! Anything you would like to share.
  4. Optionally, pick any of the following to answer:
    • What would be your superpower if you had one?
    • What was the best meal you ate recently?
    • Is a hotdog a sandwich?
    • What game show do you think you could win?
    • Are there more doors or more wheels in the world?

Please take your time getting to know each other and chatting. Everyone in this group is now your dev team until the end of this course section. We will all be working closely together and relying on each other for the rest of the program.

Finding a Pair to Pair Program

After introductions it's time to break off into smaller groups and get started with pair programming.

To pair program effectively, we need to break off into groups of 2 (one group can have 3 people if there is an odd number).

For this first class session, your instructor will help you find a pair to work with. Reach out to your instructor and let them know your dev team is ready to start with pair programming.