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📓 APIs and Full Stack Development Objectives

In this course section, we'll explore the following:

  • Making API calls from a React application
  • Using the useReducer() hook to manage state
  • Using React context to transfer data between two components
  • Building a full stack application using a React front end and a .NET or Rails API

We'll also offer a number of optional lessons to give you starting points for doing further exploration on your own. These will include lessons on the following topics:

  • React Native (for mobile development)
  • SEO with React
  • Creating a custom React environment
  • Animations and interactivity
  • Data visualization

You are expected to do some basic research on each of these topics. Then you'll choose one or two topics to incorporate in your project for this course section — or in your capstone project. Use your time wisely and make the most of it. This is a great opportunity to both broaden and deepen your knowledge of React and also to add an additional piece to your portfolio.

At the end of this course section, you will get a class session to work on professional development. For full-time students, this will be Thursday. For part-time students, this will be Wednesday. At your teacher's discretion, this could happen on a different day of the week. Use this time to research companies where you might want to intern, write cover letters, apply for jobs, and touch up your LinkedIn and GitHub.

You will not be expected to turn in a code review for this section. Instead, you will use the time to continue working on your capstone!