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📓 Mentorship Lunch Talk

This coming week's lunch speakers will be your classmates in the upper cohort. They will share their experiences with you — and what they've learned since the beginning of the program. Like other lunch speaking events, attendance is optional. However, we recommend you attend. You'll get a good sense of what lies ahead — and potentially get some good tips as well as pitfalls to avoid.

The talk will include time for up to 8 students to share their experiences (~5 minutes per person) as well as ~20 minutes for questions at the end. While each student ultimately decides what they will talk about, you are welcome to pick their brains on any related subject. Take some time now to think of questions that you would like to ask.

In ten more weeks, once you are a member of the upper cohort, you will have the opportunity to volunteer to be a lunch speaker for the next cohort. If you might be interested and would like more information, see the following lesson.

Instructors will share exact details about the timing of the lunch speaker during your Cohort Scrum meeting.