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📓 Overview of Next Steps: Adding READ, UPDATE, and DELETE Functionality

Tonight's homework includes some long lessons and heavy content. We will be adding the following functionality to our Help Queue application:

  • READ ticket detail;
  • UPDATE ticket;
  • DELETE ticket.

You will not be expected to have DELETE functionality for your independent project. However, you will be expected to have READ and UPDATE (and CREATE) functionality for an individual item.

There is no canonical way to add UPDATE and DELETE functionality to a React application. But what exactly do we mean by that?

Unlike Rails or .NET, React is not opinionated. That means there are many different ways to do things. In other words, most of tonight's homework does not actually teach any new concepts even though we are adding new functionality. Instead, we will focus on practicing and emphasizing what we've already covered in this course section, including:

  • Planning out our application;
  • Using shared and local state;
  • Passing props to child components;
  • Passing data between parent and child components via callbacks.

Along the way, we will discuss the following new concepts which have been separated out into their own lessons:

  • Using JSX expressions with arguments;
  • Reusing components.

While you are welcome to design and build out the READ, UPDATE, and DELETE functionality on your own, you have the opportunity to follow along with these lessons to learn one way to implement RUD. Look at these lessons primarily as an opportunity to practice the React concepts you've already learned — and to add more complexity to your applications in the process.